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Protective Housing

Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Xuất xứ: Moog Pieper
Mô tả:

Explosion proof camera housing
Water/Air-Cooled Dustproof Camera Protective Housing

Explosion proof camera housing 
The explosion-proof housing WU-AT21-1435-E was for the use of cameras in operating environments with explosive dust atmosphere and constructed in accordance with CENELEC regulations in accordance with the guidelines 94/9/EC for explosion proof design. 
IP 67 protection is provided by the incorporation of sealed, explosion proof threaded fittings and seals on the inside and the outside of the enclosure, sealing the protective glass, camera enclosure and camera cable connector. 
Key Features 
  • replaceable windscreen 
  • Connector system WUS AT21-1700-2-M for easy installation 
  • II 2 D Ex tD A21 IP67 T85°C 

WUW-3627 Series

Water/Air-cooled dustproof camera protective housing 
with exchangeable lens protecting tube 

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Ambient temperature: 1562°F
  • Protecting class: IP 65
  • Fixing: Guide plate
  • Water/Air connection: R 1/4"
  • Water capacity: 0,3 litre