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Analog Camera_Moog Pieper Vietnam

Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Xuất xứ: Moog Pieper
Mô tả:

Analog Camera_Moog Pieper Vietnam

22x Zoom compact day/night camera
The ideal choice of camera for a wide range of applications that require superb quality and flexibility
1/3" Super Dynamic Day/Night Camera 
Ultra high sensitivity Day/Night Camera with ABF for 24 hours a day surveillance - available in various PIEPER housings
High Performance Colour CCD Camera particularly for Machine Vision Applications, Quality Control, Medical Imaging, Pharmaceutical Production, etc.
High-Speed Dome Camera with DSP, Day and Night Function, Colour and B-W
Integrated Positioner, Camera & Control. High speed positioner can be operated inverted. DSP technology for highest quality images day and night.
1/2" Low Light Level camera
High Resolution B/W Compact Camera for industrial applications: Machine vision, Process control, Image processing, Quality control
High performance monochrome CCD camera
1/3" Ultra Low Light High Resolution Camera
Camera Snout Housing with Direct Nitrogene Cooling - Installed with Camera, Lens & Lighting
Dual Platform Monitoring System
Thermal Surveillance Camera. High performance microbolometer for precision imaging in total darkness.
Mobile Video Surveillance System