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Analog Camera_FK-CM-PTZ-3914-35_Moog Pieper Vietnam

Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Xuất xứ: Moog Pieper
Mô tả:

Integrated Positioner, Camera & Control. High speed positioner can be operated inverted. DSP technology for highest quality images day and night.

Integrated Positioner, Camera & Control
  • Striking, yet unobtrusive appearance
  • DSP technology for highest quality images day and night
  • High speed positioner can be operated inverted
  • A vertical scan range greater than standard pan and tilts
  • Multi-manufacturer protocol control system plus NTCIP for system-wide compatibility
Imagine everything you could want in an integrated CCTV camera product, and then see it realized in PIEPER's new FK-CM-PTZ-3914-35. Rethink your notion of what a pan/tilt/zoom camera must look like into what you want: quality, style, and affordability. Think advanced features that you come to expect from modern PTZ cameras.
Look beyond its striking appearance. PIEPER designed this next generation camera to meet the technical objectives of security professionals. The FK-CM-PTZ-3914-35 contains a high performance color DSP camera with integrated lens, a built-in camera control receiver, and a pan/tilt mechanism that is both attractive yet unobtrusive. Its sleek design allows for quick and easy mounting, and is unassuming in any installation. Because it's made by PIEPER, the camera is protected by our legendary sealed and pressurized enclosure system that guarantees years of clean, reliable images and is backed by a world-class warranty. The FK-CM-PTZ-3914-35 has right specifications for today's surveillance needs.
Day/night DSP camera technology assures vivid color images during daylight and high sensitivity monochrome images after dark. This technology, coupled with the camera's progressive scan sensor and internal scan converter, makes the FK-CM-PTZ-3914-35 ideal for high value asset monitoring, access control of at-risk facilities or traffic management.
There is a wide range of camera DSP functions, including privacy zones, image manipulation and backlight control. Progressive scan or interlaced output allows full resolution snapshot images, making it ideal for surveillance, access control, and traffic management applications.
Key Features
  • Freeze frame between preset positions gives operators a clean transition between scenes.
  • Unlike ordinary sunshields, the FK-CM-PTZ-3914-35 sunshield is pre-positioned and needs no adjustments - reducing installation costs and maximizing performance.
  • The positioner pans and tilts at an impressive 160°/sec in the preset mode, both with 0.1° accuracy. The side-mounted camera allows uninterrupted view directly beneath the installation, and its 180° tilt axis provides a vertical scan range greater than standard pan and tilts.
  • The sealed and pressurized housing protects the complete camera technique against the intrusion of water and pollutants. The enclosure is rated IP67and TS-2 compliant.
  • The FK-CM-PTZ-3914-35 can be installed upside down to accom-modate most any installation or application.
  • Digital position feedback to the Control Center provides precise camera details to other system management software.

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